Our Team

Sierra holds a Master’s Degree focused on Operations and Management from John Jay College. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in product development/production. Her dog,@ibabille, has recently inspired her to expand her talents to the pet product world!


Marion is pursuing her Master’s in Internet Marketing and also holds a cosmetology license. She is based in Westchester, NY just north of Manhattan. Marion strives to create a collaborative, organic, and engaging marketing environment for new and established businesses. She develops social media marketing and customer engagement strategies, using a combination of digital marketing tactics.


Lenny has 25 years of mechanical experience with high-speed production and packaging equipment for a variety of packaging formats. Lenny specializes in FDA regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical and food/beverage. His hands-on experience with manufacturing lines allows him to recognize areas for improved efficiency in production resources or personnel.

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Our Network

Icons above designate cities within RCC Network (contract manufacturers, raw material suppliers, distribution, logistics hubs, formulation laboratories, etc)